Bacon Week 2016: Celebrating the nations’ love affair with bacon


Media Release:

It’s a feast for the senses, and this week Aussie bacon brings home the sizzle.

Australian Bacon Week runs from 19 June to 25 June celebrating 100% Australian bacon and also drawing attention to the competition local bacon faces from imported products.

Australian Pork Limited’s Mitch Edwards said bacon adds joy to the plate and is included in many of our much loved recipes. “Bacon is the meat all-rounder and adds life to dishes from breakfast until dinner, entrées to desserts.” Mr Edwards said.

“Bacon is as versatile as the imagination, so understandably a wide range of innovative dishes have been created for Bacon Week by top chefs, craft brewers, dessert makers and more, including Zumbo Patisseries and N2 Extreme Gelato.”

“The majority of Australian’s are united in agreement that bacon made from 100% Australian pork tastes better and is of higher quality and Bacon Week highlights the strengths of this home-grown product.”

“Many don’t realise that about 72% of bacon sold in Australia is made from imported pork. So, it’s about helping consumers find the tastiest true blue bacon and identifying Aussie. The pink PorkMark logo or the words ‘Product of Australia’ mean the bacon is true blue.”

As part of the celebration, Australia’s bacon was put to test at the Australian Bacon Awards. The competition has run since 2010 and this year attracted 135 entries from across the country.

Specialist, independent judges, Fleishmeister Horst Schurger and Chefs Simon Bestley, and Paul McDonald, individually assessed the appearance, aroma, lean to fat ratio of both cooked and raw bacon. The judges unanimously agreed the competition was tough as year after year bacon processors up their game which is great news for Australian Bacon.

Fleishmeister Schurger, said “The bacon makers have listened to our comments and now the competition’s harder so by the end the customer gets a high quality home-grown bacon.”

This year the judges named Zammit Ham and Bacon Australian’s Best Artisan Bacon. The free range wood-smoked bacon was described by the judges as having an excellent texture, good lean to fat ratio, minimal to no shrinkage and a smooth-well rounded flavour with just the right amount of smokiness.

Bacon week runs until 26 June, with more information, participating restaurants and recipes available from

And the winners are…


Australia’s Best Artisan Bacon

Zammit Ham & Bacon                             Pendle Hill NSW        (02) 9896 4511

 National Winners

Full rasher

  1. Zammit Ham & Bacon             Pendle Hill NSW        (02) 9896 4511
  2. Circle T Meats Raceview QLD           (07) 3288 6788
  3. Master Butchers Whitsunday             Cannonvale QLD       (07) 4946 6753

Short cut

  1. Tafe NSW SWSi Gourmet Meat Granville NSW           (02) 9682 0222
  2. Bargara Meats                                     Bargara QLD                          (07) 4159 2267
  3. Premier Meats                               Tenterfield  NSW       (02) 6736 1178


And while Western Australia didn’t get a call up for the national awards, here are the winners of WA’s best bacon!

Full Rasher:

  1. Princi Smallgoods, Malaga, (08) 9249 7359
  2. Reids Meats, Perth, (08) 9364 1142
  3. Mondo Doro, Perth, (08) 9242 5445

Short Cut:

  1. Mondo Doro, Perth (08) 9242 5445
  2. Eurostyle Smallgoods, Bibra Lake, (08) 9418 1326
  3. Pingelly Quality Meats, Pingelly, (08) 9887 1416
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One of the best things about being Gusface Grillah is that people are always sending me links to amazing recipes and ideas they think I might like.  A good ninety percent of those involve wrapping something in bacon and I am absolutely okay with those statistics.

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WA Cider & Pork Festival 2015


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Chew the Fat: Jay Beaumont – Australasian Barbecue Alliance


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This edition features Jay Beaumont, President of the Australasian Barbecue Alliance. Continue reading

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