Lobsters in Paris (Dat Shit Cray)

Grill so hard motherfuckers wanna fine me

Dat shit cray.

This week’s main post was supposed to be about my adventures making pastrami but I haven’t thought of enough puns yet so it can wait until next week.

As it was Valentines Day (otherwise known as bacon day) I thought I would be all romantic (eww gross) and cook up a seafood feast.

For the main course I wanted to try my hand at smoked lobster tails, based on this recipe: http://www.smoking-meat.com/december-5-2013-smoked-lobster-tails

First step is to cut the tails down the spine – this makes it easier to access when it’s cooked and also allows you to apply the tasty buttery goodness during the cook.  Put a skewer through the tail to avoid it curling up during cooking.

cray raw
Raw I’m a give it to ya, wit’ no trivia, we like cray tails straight from Bolivia

Get your smoker up to around 110 celsius and then put the tails in.  You’re looking for an internal temperature of around 59 degrees celsius when they’re done.  Should take around an hour to cook.

I used macadamia shells for smoke because you want something reasonably subtle that won’t overpower the seafood.

Halfway through the cook you apply the butter mixture (I just mixed up some butter with Mad Hunky seasoning), I then put some more in 15 minutes later.

After an hour in the smoker those tails are going to be smelling pretty damn good

Once you hit you’re internal temperature target you’re good to go – lobsters don’t need to rest, just eat them straight away! (It’s what Pinchy would have wanted)

cray cray

Delicious!  Jay Z would be proud as this was most definitely cray.

Seafood feast was a success, the other dishes you can find on my twitter feed.

Did you cook a meal for Valentines Day?

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8 Responses to Lobsters in Paris (Dat Shit Cray)

  1. Liz Sheehan says:

    Love your reference to pinchy!!

    What a great meal! Your photos are really good too!

  2. Bill says:

    True, but it would be a great story…

  3. Kenny says:

    This is literally why you are fat.

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