Shin City: A Flame To Grill For

shin city

A few weeks ago I was hungover and, thinking towards dinner time, knew I would need some comfort food.

I was going to go with beef ribs and hopped down to the local butcher at the end of my street – Square Deal Meats in Belmont.  Unfortunately the butcher was out of ribs but then I thought I would run another idea I’d had floating around the back of my head past him…  can you do whole beef shin?


See with it being winter I’d been thinking about dishes like osso bucco – but the BBQ fanatic within me wondered if I could take that slow cooking of the shin meat and apply it to a whole piece of shin.


I gave the shins a rub in the Holy Cow Beef Rub from Bella BBQ and then set them to smoke.  As I was hungover I wanted a low effort smoke so set up the snake method on the trusty Weber.


I used macadamia shell for the smoke mainly because that was all I had at hand.

The plan was to smoke for 3 hours then foil with some liquid to keep them nice and soft.


At three hours in the shins are looking good.  Time to foil along with some stout beer, onions and BBQ sauce.

After another three hours I took the shins out to rest while I set about making a sauce from the pan juices and the added in liquids.


The meat had tenderised beautifully and really shrunk up the bone – it practically fell off lifting it out of the pan.

Once the sauce was ready to go I shredded the meat and served on some creamy polenta.

beef shin & polenta

The beef shins are basically like big shanks and certainly hit the target for delicious comfort food.  Give them a try some time!

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One Response to Shin City: A Flame To Grill For

  1. Bill says:

    Good eating there. Never had a beef shin. But, I have had plenty of lamb and pork shank.

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