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9 Responses to Contact

  1. Nate says:

    Pretty awesome blog you got here.

    Nate – White thunder BBQ

  2. Aaron says:

    Great read mate!

    I’ve been travelling the USA for nearly a year and can’t get enough of the BBQ, especially the Texan style brisket!

    Heading home (Perth) in a week and after settling in plan on trying out my own.

    Couldn’t see a post about brisket (I may have missed it) but interested if you had any tips, especially on the wood choices in Perth.

    Toying with the idea of making a offset BBQ, but I see one at BBQ galore for $500 which I’ll check out… but maybe a pile of junk.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Hey mate haven’t done a brisket post yet but cook it all the time so happy to field some questions.
      Cheap offsets are problematic, I think there are better options in that sort of price range like the Pro Q.
      Offset needs to have decent build quality or it will be a nightmare to cook on

      • Aaron says:

        Yep, it looks cheap and nasty… I’ll take a look into the Pro Q for sure!!
        What type of local woods do you find work best?

      • Aaron says:

        Oh… and any tips on where to find a decent cut of brisket? I’ve been checking out my local neighborhood (Subiaco) with limited success. I heard good things about Troys Meats but haven’t ventured there as yet.


      • Troys meats for sure mate

  3. Cameron says:

    Hey mate just wondering if you “burnt in” your frontier??? I read the instruction booklet and nothing mentioned about doing it but I’ve been led to believe it should be done. Cheers in advance.

    • Mine was ex demo but just pour a chimney of heatbeads in to get some heat in there and burn off any manufacturing stuff, pop a chunk of wood on to get some smoke in there too

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